Welcome to Film Star World Academy.... Interested in showcasing your performance. Have you or your creative friends short story to shoot, contact filmstarworld@gmail.com, +91-7878215850 Our team will get in touch with you. MAKING FOR Performance VIDEO & PHOTO PORTFOLIYO contact filmstarworld@gmail.com, +91-7878215850 Our team will get in touch with you.

About Us

Film Star World Academy is a part of Filmstar World. Everyone who joins the academy needs to enlight his/her creativity.

Film Star World Academy gives training to work in different different parts of Media Entertainment Industry.

Film Star World Academy is designed for a new generation of Actors, Models, Technician, Artists, Film Makers, Screen writers, Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Editors, Sound Engineers and Animators who share a passion for motion picture and want to lear by making their own profits in a hands on intensive programe.

The standard education at Film Star World Academy enables students to go out into the Industry with the skill and experience necessary to find professional employment.

Film Star World Academy believes that the correct path for upcoming actors, models, film makers, addmakers, TV serial makers is to immediately start making their own films & serials in a hand on intensive working environment.

Acting & Film making demands the integration of many kinds of knowledge, It is the integration of knowledge that distinguishes the Film Star World Academy from many other film academies.

In our courses, student learn not only how to operate camera, light, a scene or edit film, they learn how all the aspects of film making relate to interact with and intruction equipment and structure.

It is the students drive and creative ability that carries them forward depends upon each other.

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